Origin Fractal LXP
is a simple and robust
learning experience platform

It is different things to different people

If you are a


Origin Fractal LXP is a fun and intuitive learning platform. Experience learning like you would your music—on-demand, customized, and curated. Using this fun and intuitive learning platform, access your learning from anywhere, on any device. Learn more in less time as you leverage an evidence-based paradigm to improve your learning efficiency.

If you are an


Bring everyone onboard – employees, customers, channel partners, or end‐users and customize training for each group. Update content on the fly and push it to specific user groups. Track, compare, and analyze content usage and user progress. Monetize training without investing on learning infrastructure and maintenance.

If you are a

Domain Expert or
Specialized Training Organization

Set up an exclusive online portal and open it up to select users or a global marketplace. Create a niche, online market for your training.