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    Origin Fractal LXP

    @ Booth #800

    Learning Experience Platform for
    Enterprise & Learning Practitioners

    Meet Sandra

    Sandra manages sales at a leading pharmaceutical company. She is looking for a solution that can help train her employees, customers, channel partners, and end-users with ease.

    Meet Gary

    Gary is a mindfulness and leadership coach. He is now looking for an avenue that will help him teach mindfulness to others.

    Origin Fractal is the perfect solution
    for both Sandra and Gary.

    • Origin Fractal is a refreshing new way to learn. It is an agile, robust, mobile-first learning experience platform designed for the extended enterprise, training organizations, and learning practitioners.


    Why Use Origin Fractal LXP?

    Train your channel partners, distributors, and customers

    Set up a learning portal quickly

    Engage learners with just-in-time learning

    Scale as per your requirements

    Deliver training via dedicated mobile apps

    Drive product adoption with micro-learning

    Save on costs with secure cloud-based hosting

    Future-proof your L&D strategy